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Dialect Coaching

Need to learn a dialect for an important audition? Struggling to get an accent right for a scene study class? Want to add more "special skills" to your resume or make yourself more marketable as an actor? Have an accent or regional dialect you want to get rid of? Let Rachel be your Dialect Coach!


Dialects can be one of the most fascinating (and fun) ways to discover nuances about the story and character you're working on. Rachel is passionate about ensuring that learning a dialect isn't just about making the correct sounds, but also about exploring ways dialects can affect your emotions, physical bearing, and thought processes, eventually informing your character work.

Rachel teaches the following dialects and accents:

  • Irish (Dublin, Galway, and Belfast)

  • English (RP/Upper Class and Cockney)

  • Scottish

  • French

  • German

  • Russian

  • Indian

  • New Zealand

  • Minnesota/American Midwest

  • American Southern (Atlanta/Refined/Non-Rhotic and Texas/Rural/Rhotic)

  • New York

  • Boston

Do you need help with a dialect/accent not listed above? Ask Rachel and she may be able to accommodate you anyway!

Pricing & What to Expect

Coaching sessions cost $60 for an hour or $100 for two hours. Rachel offers highly customized coaching sessions to help you achieve your specific goals. She will guide you through the basics of the dialect, help you mark out pronunciation changes in your script, give you individualized feedback and personalized exercises to help you master the sounds that are hardest for you, and give you practice packets to keep you on track once your session is over. Skype sessions are also available.

Don't let fear or frustration stop you--make dialects do-able with Rachel! Contact her today to schedule a coaching session.

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